Outdoor Halloween Pranks for Trick-or-Treaters

Every year, you give out candy to all the adorable neighborhood brats: all they have to do is ask for it. They get a sweet deal, while you have to drop a lot of money on pre-packaged goodies. Likely, you get nothing in return but the occasional “Thanks!” from a costumed mummy or ghost as it runs away from your door.

The following tricks are quick to execute and inexpensive to set up. You don’t need to spend a hundred dollars on a robotic, voice-activated, life-sized werewolf, purchase CDs of scary music, or spend hours preparing for a few good scares. Just be creative! Simple household items can make wonderful props for giving the local trick-or-treaters a fright along with their candy, as is shown in the following five plans.

Scary Halloween Pranks for Grown Up Kids

1. Night of the Living Dummy

The scary Halloween Dummy coming to life is even more fun with a few twists.

2. The Booby Trapped Candy Bowl

No dressing up, no eerie props – just make the candy bowl grab for the eager hands of the trick or treaters!

3. A Shocking Surprise

Taking inspiration from the now-popular internet prank, make the trick or treaters stare at your window until they see an eerie face scaring them away.

4. Head on a Platter

The instructions in the above link are to create a head on a platter for a Halloween table for a Halloween praty or haunted house, but it can easily be twisted to make a dome lid covered candy platter that will scare trick or treaters out of their skins.

Safe Halloween Pranks for Younger Kids

5. Out Of Season Treats

A mind-boggling Halloween prank for little kids when they receive non-seasonal candy!

6. Ask or Barter for Candy

Play Scrooge this Halloween and spoil the sport for little kids by asking for one candy in exchange for two!