Indoor Halloween Pranks for Family & Friends

Looking for some good pranks to scare family or friends? Try these ideas around the house and have a ghoulishly great time this Halloween:

• Dress up as a prop in your outdoor Halloween décor, such as a scarecrow or in a coffin, jump out at those who come by.

• Write a scary message on a bathroom mirror, when the bathroom is used for a shower and the mirror fogs up the message will appear.

• Have a ghost roam around the area where you are having a party. Then at the party tell a story about how someone tragically died in the area years ago.

• “Bug” a few of your ice cubes. Before freezing put a few small plastic spiders in some of the ice cubes. Put the ice cubes in drinks.

• As each person comes to a Halloween party have everyone hide and jump out yelling “Surprise!”

• Glue a quarter or some other object (candy is great for Halloween night) to sidewalk or front porch. Watch as your guests or trick-or-treaters try to pick it up. This prank will give you laughs all night long.

• This prank is great for party guests, but may get a little tiring if you have a lot of trick-or-treaters. On the front door put up a sign that says, “Wet paint. Please go to back door.” On the back door have a sign that says, “Wet paint. Please use front door.” Be positioned in a place where you can snap a photo or videotape people’s confused looks. Show them at the party.

• Hide a very real looking fake spider somewhere in the house for family or friends to find.