Evil Laboratory Halloween Party Idea

Evil Laboratory Halloween Party ThemeInvitations

Make the invitations look like a Doctor’s certificate for his degree. Put the day of the party where the date of graduation would be, and turn your home into a university. Be sure that the doctor has a fun Halloween mad scientists name.


Display “lab jars” throughout the party area. Label them with “yucky” titles. Some ideas are: Vienna sausages in a jar can become fingers, shredded red cabbage with water becomes brains, and hardboiled eggs with the shell removed become eyes. For other ideas walk around a grocery store. You can also put large plastic bugs and other items of that nature in jars. Another great idea is to add dry ice and make all the liquids ‘smoke’.


Provide the kids with craft foam, glue, scissors and markers. Let them make masks. For this theme you could suggest making a Frankenstein mask. You can also provide them with a craft they can eat. Give them frosting, nutter butter cookies, small round cookies, small round candies and stick pretzels. Then let them create their own “evil monster” that they can eat. The nutter butter cookies work perfectly as bodies, the small cookies as a head, the candies for eyes and other decorations, the pretzels as arms and legs, and the frosting like glue.


Have mystery boxes where those in attendance feel what is inside. Get creative, cooked noodles become guts, peeled grapes become eyeballs, dried apricots feel like ears, peeled carrots feel like bones, and unpopped popcorn feel like teeth.


Freeze gummy worms, bugs and other candy objects in ice cubes and put them in the punch. Make peanut butter sandwiches and cut them too look like fingers. A slivered almond placed on the tip of the finger looks like a fingernail.