Halloween Scavenger Hunt Party Idea

Scavenger hunts are a fun activity at any party. Here are a few ideas to make your scavenger hunt a huge success.

Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt


1. Pay attention to the age group and make sure that the hunt is age appropriate. For younger kids, keep the hunt limited to the yard and simply put out items that they need to find so that it is more like an Easter egg hunt. For teenagers and adults a wider area is best, but be sure to put a time limit on the hunt so that some teams are not waiting forever to get on with the party.

2. If you are using your yard be sure that there are no objects lying around that could hurt someone and if the hunt is for kids, be sure there is plenty of light.

3. If you are doing the type of scavenger hunt where participants must gather items from neighbors be sure to talk to the neighbors before-hand and if there are any neighbors that do not want to be disturbed type up their address and give a list to each team.

Scavenger Hunt Variations:

4. Have a theme for your scavenger hunt such as mummies, ghosts etc. and have all the things on the list be related to the theme. Doing a theme will limit the list but will add a twist to the hunt.

5. Photo scavenger hunts, are where each team is given a disposable camera, and they take pictures when they find the item on the list. This works especially well if the party is during the day and the photos can be developed during the party. Then when the photos come back each team gets to create a poster of the items they found.

6. You can also do a scavenger hunt where each team must follow clues to arrive at a certain point or to find out what items they need to get. This works best with adults or teenagers. Clues can be riddles or directions.

7. Scavenger hunt bingo. Create a bingo board with items on it. The first team to get a “bingo” by finding all the items in a row wins. This version can be played multiple times with very different results.

After the hunt:

8. Provide prizes. Be sure to get something for all the teams, consider getting a larger prize for the first place team and gag gifts for the other teams. Provide snacks and let everyone talk about their scavenger hunt adventures.