Printable Halloween Party Games for Adults

Have some grown up fun with these spine chilling party games that can be downloaded and printed out from your home printer. Please note that these games are not suitable for kids and are specifically meant for adults only.

Left in the Dark – Gift Exchange Game

Leave your guests in the dark, literally! Switch off the lights and create the atmosphere for this game by lighting up some pumpkin lanterns. As you narrate a spine chilling story, the guests all pass their gifts ‘left’ or ‘right’ everytime these words are said in the story. At the end, guests leave with whichever gift they are left holding.

Left In The Dark Halloween Right Left Game – $6.95
from: Python Printable Games

Spooky Synonyms Halloween Movie Trivia Game

We’ve taken the best Halloween movies and messed with their names. Can you guess the Halloween movie titles from their synonyms? This is definitely one for movie fans and people who love word games. We recommend these Halloween trivia games for teenagers or older players only.

Spooky Synonyms Halloween Movie Trivia Game – $6.95

from: Python Printable Games

Trick or Treat Halloween Trivia Questions

Each question refers either to a well-known and loved treat, or a famous (or infamous!) trick or trickster. There’s something for everybody in this game. It runs the gamut, from 1950s candy, through Johnny Depp movies, circus acts and Lord of the Rings.

Halloween Trivia Questions: Trick ‘r Treat Trivia game – $6.95

from: Python Printable Games