Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

halloween party decorating ideasHaving a Halloween bash? Use these ideas to create a spooky atmosphere almost anywhere.

Changing Portraits on the Wall/Mantle
These portraits change as you watch!

• Fireplace Jack-O-Lanterns
Turn the fireplace into a focal point.

• Hanging Bats
Hang glow in the dark bats.

• Dry Ice Fog Effects
Create fog using dry ice.

• Crime Scenes
Draw crime scenes for added effect.

• Food Serving Suggestions
Use carved out pumpkins as serving bowls.

• Haunted Gingerbread House
Make a haunted house.

• Spider Webs
Create spider webs.

• Tombstones
Put tombstones in the yard.

• Spooky Signs
Hang spooky signs.

• Crystal Ball
Display a crystal ball.

• Light and Music
Add to the effects with light and music.