Tombstones – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

What a way to welcome party guests this Halloween! Make them walk their way to the party venue through a path filled with tombstones!

Tombstones - Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Make tombstones out of Styrofoam or buy from craft and decoration supply stores and put them in the front yard or place them in various areas of the party. Try to find tombstones that have a variety of inscriptions that can spark conversations, scares and even laughs. Here are some of the best ones available online:

Halloween Grim Reaper RIP Tombstone Prop

Halloween Weathered RIP Tombstone

Fake Tombstones – Halloween Yard Decoration – Set/6, 21.3″ x 14.8″

Rest in Pieces Halloween Tombstone – Grandin Road

Clawing Hands Rounded Tombstone

Sleepy Hollow – Headless Horseman Tombstone

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