Halloween Balloon Decorations

Balloon Modeling - Halloween SpiderWhat could be cheaper and simpler than using balloons. You can decorate your home for Halloween using balloons in creative ways. Here are some interesting uses for balloons in creating Halloween decor:

1. Group together black and orange balloons and tie them in bunches in various places in the house.

2. Paint scary faces on inflated black balloons with white paint and hide them in unexpected places – like inside a closet or behind the curtains. A scary surprise!

3. Blow up white balloons and use white paint to make two large oval eyes and make ‘Ghost Balloons’. Tie or let them float in groups on the table.

4. Make ‘Jack-o-Balloons’ by painting cute and scary faces on Orange balloons with black paint.

5. Blow up a group of small black and orange round balloons and glue them to an inexpensive basket (just like you would keep Christmas ornaments in a bowl) for a Halloween centerpiece.

6. Use balloons to make signs for your Haunted House. Write on inflated balloons with markers or paint and place as directions for your Graveyard, Witches’ House etc.

7. Use balloons as tombstones for your foam graveyard. Place two balloons in white-black or orange-black or only black or only white. Write imaginary names on inflated balloons and tie to each grave.

8. Use glow-in-the-dark paints and paper (available at craft stores) to make your designs or writing glow on orange or black balloons.

9. Try balloon modeling. Twist several long, black balloons to make a scary spider decoration for your party.