Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Kitchen Towel and Pot Holders

Add some Halloween punk to your kitchen by bringing in color with these cute machine appliquéd Jack-O-Lantern kitchen towels and pot holders. They are sure to set the mood for a lot of Halloween baking and candy making.

DIY Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Kitchen Towel and Pot Holders


  1. Orange towels – 2
  2. Black cotton fabric
  3. Black and White striped fabric – 2 4″ by 8″ pieces for towel top and bias binding
  4. Batting for towel top
  5. Sewing Machine
  6. Matching Thread
  7. Velcro

How to:

1. Cut out pieces from black fabric to make easy triangular eyes, nose and mouth. Machine appliqué them on the towel using a zigzag stitch.

2. Sew the bias binding on 3 sides of the towel except the top.

3. Place batting between the striped fabric and sew on 3 sides (leave one short side open) and criss-cross stitch in the center to quilt. Sew velcro strips near the open end.

4. Gather the top of the towel and tuck about an inch inside the open pocket of the padded topper. Top stitch it closed.

5. Using the second towel, cut up two squares to make the pot holders.

6. Machine appliqué face expressions cut from black fabric as done previously on the towel.

7. Sew bias binding on all 4 sides including a hanging loop on one corner.