Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Cups

There is something about Halloween and stuff glowing in the dark that makes a tube of glow-in-the-dark paint so appealing for Halloween crafts. get started with yours!

Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Cups


  1. Styrofoam Cups
  2. ‘Glow in the Dark’ dimensional paint (We used Plaid Fashion)
  3. Black Acrylic paint

How to:

1. Paint the cups using black acrylic paint.

2. Use the dimensional glow-in-the-dark paint to directly create designs or write spooky messages on the cups when dry. The paint will glow in the dark but the ‘glow’ in the cups in the above is computerized to show you the effect in dark. In reality, your cups will look like this in light:

Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Treat Cups

3. Use tissue paper in the cups if filling them with un-wrapped candy that will come in direct contact with the paint.