Frankenstein – STYROFOAM Halloween Decorations

This gory-eyed Frankenstein is very cleverly crafted using very little craft supplies. If you made a Witch or a Ghost, you can use the remnants of their cones to make this craft.

Frankenstein - STYROFOAM? Halloween Decorations

What you will need:

  • Styrofoam Cone – 12 inch (You will only be using the 4 inch bottom. You can use the remaining for making the Witch or the Ghost)
  • Green paint
  • Craft paper scraps – yellow, green, white and black
  • Stapler Pins
  • Eyes stickers
  • Red paint
  • Black yarn leftover

How To:

1. Cut off the bottom 4 inches of the styrofoam cone using a waxed serrated knife. You can use the remaining part of the cone to make the Witch or the Ghost.

2. Paint the entire surface green.

3. Cut out two circles from yellow craft paper. Glue the eyes to the center of them and draw hazy lines from the eyes to the outer edge using red paint.

4. Cut out a triangle from the green paper for the nose and small squares from white paper for the teeth.

5. Glue large strips of black paper on the top as shown to make the hair.

6. Glue the black yarn over the area where the forehead would be.

7. Over the glued piece of yarn, push in stapler pins as shown to make the stitches.

8. Now glue the prepared eyes, nose and teeth in place using the picture as a guide.