Frankenstein's Bride – STYROFOAM Halloween Decorations

The famous, vain bride with the popular hairstyle can be very easily made using simple craft materials. If you made a Witch or a Ghost, you can use the remnants of their cones to make this craft.

Frankenstein's Bride - STYROFOAM? Halloween Decorations

What you will need:

  • Styrofoam Cone – 12 inch (You will only be using the 4 inch bottom. You can use the remaining for making the Witch or the Ghost)
  • Craft paper scraps – yellow, orange and black
  • Waste paper, old news paper
  • Eyes stickers
  • Black paint
  • Silver paint
  • Red yarn leftover

How To:

1. Cut off the bottom 4 inches of the styrofoam cone using a waxed serrated knife. You can use the remaining part of the cone to make the Witch or the Ghost.

2. Glue large strips of black paper on the top as shown in the Frankenstein project.

3. Now crumple old newspaper or any waste paper into three balls and flatten them. Glue these balls stacking them one over the other. Use lots of tape to secure the balls together. Cover this paper ball tower with more black paper.

4. Cut out two circles from light orange craft paper. Glue the sticker eyes to the center of them and glue them below the hair. Paint eyelashes using black paint.

4. Cut out a triangle from the yellow paper for the nose and glue in place.

5. Glue red yarn as shown to form her twisted smile.

6. Finally, paint a few streaks on her hair using silver paint to make the lightning marks.