Halloween Witch with Broom – STYROFOAM Halloween Decorations

This cute little witch will not scare anybody but lend a cutesy Halloween touch to any corner you assign her to.

Halloween Witch with Broom - STYROFOAM? Halloween Decorations

What you will need:

  • Styrofoam Cone 8 inch (if you are making Frankenstein or his Bride figures, use a 12 inch cone and use the bottom 4 inches to make them)
  • Styrofoam Ball – 2 inch
  • Scrapbook paper sheet 12 x 12 – any print in black – for dress and hat
  • Black ribbon – 1/4th inch
  • Black paper strips – for hands
  • Copper beads – for necklace
  • Black wool yarn – for hair
  • Witch paper diecut/cutout
  • Kebab stick
  • Broom hair
  • Eyes stickers
  • Red brad for nose

How To:

1. Apply glue to the top end of the cone. Insert a pin halfway into the ball and push the remaining half into the glue-covered cone top. The pin and glue together will make the head sturdy.

2. Cut the scrapbook paper to make a cone shaped gown for the witch and glue it to the cone. Glue lace wherever you see the paper edges.

3. Wind the wool yarn around your hand several times and then cu off the ends. You will get several strands of the same length. Apply glue over the top of the ball head and glue the yarn to make the witch’s hair.

4. Cut out a cone shaped hat and a circle and glue them together to form the hat. Glue the same ribbon around the rim of the hat as well. Glue the hat to the hair.

5. Glue black paper strips to the back of the gown to make arms. Use a double-sided glue dot to hold one arm on the gown and to hold a broom on the other.

6. Make a broom by taping some broom hair on a kebab stick and glue it to one hand using a double sided glue dot.

7. Make a necklace for your witch using the beads and tie it to the back of her neck. Glue the witch diecut to the front of her gown. Use eyes stickers to make her eyes, a red brad for her nose and a small strand of yarn (the one used for hair) to make her smiling lips.