No Sew Halloween Fabric Coasters

Using the crafter’s favorite ‘Mod Podge’ decoupage medium, you can create pretty fabric coasters in no time and without having to thread the needle.

No Sew Halloween Fabric Coasters


  1. Cardboard – saved from packing or cartons
  2. 4″Halloween Print Charm Squares (pre-cut fabric squares available at craft, quilt or sewing supply shops) – 8 i.e. 2 for each coaster. Alternatively, you may cut squares from fabric.
  3. Plaid Mod Podge – All Purpose or Fabric
  4. Black Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush

How to:

1. Using your charm squares as a measurement, draw 4 suares on the cardboard.

2. Cut out the squares using a sturdy pair of scissors or a utility knife.

3. Paint the sides of the cardboard squares using black or co-ordinating paint colors that match your fabric.

4. Take one square and apply mod podge to one side of it. Carefully place the fabric square right side up and smooth out on the cardboard. It will be impossible to move the fabric once smoothed out, so be carefully when placing the fabric.

5. Continue with one side of all the coasters and then start decoupaging the fabric squares on the other side of the coasters starting from the first one. This will give each side some time to set.

6. Let dry completely before using.