'Boo' Window Hanging for Halloween – Free Halloween Crafts

These fun window hangings are easy to make. Kids will love being able to make their own designs and hanging them in the window.

'Boo' Window Hanging for Halloween - Free Halloween Crafts

What you will need:

1. Clear plastic cups
2. Permanent markers in orange and black
3. Oven heated to lowest setting
4. Sharp utility knife
5. Cookie sheet
6. Aluminum foil
7. Fishing line
8. Scissors


1. To make the “boo” window hanging begin by using the utility knife to cut two plastic cups in half so that you have a round section with a hole in it.
2. On the part of the cups that still has a bottom, cut the bottom off so that you have another two circles that are smaller. For this part an adult should be present or the one using the knife.
3. The smaller circles will be the two parts of the “b”, color them with the black marker, or decorate it with another design.
4. Put aluminum foil on the cookie sheet.
5. Place the two smaller circles next to each other so that they look like a “B”.
6. Decorate the other two circles and place them on the cookie sheet.
7. An adult should place the cookie sheet in the oven and supervise as the plastic melts. Be sure to check it often, because it can burn.
8. You can also create simple round window hangings by simply decorating the cup and placing it upside down on the cookie sheet and letting it melt. Make sure you use a knife to put a hole somewhere in the cup.
9. Use fishing line to hang the decorations in the window.