Out Of Season Treats – Not so Scary Halloween Prank for Kids

Stay clear of the scarier pranks when you have wee little trick or treaters stopping by. But that’s no reason to not play a prank on them. Play this safe, but confusing prank on little trick or treaters.

It’s so traditional to give out shrunken portions of packaged, brand-name candy for Halloween that everyone expects it without a second thought. It’s time to change it up! This trick requires long-term planning. This Easter, or Christmas, or both, buy a little extra holiday-themed candy. When Halloween arrives, give out marshmallow peeps, Cadbury eggs, candy canes, and chocolate Santas.

This will make an especially great trick if you dress up as either Santa or the Easter Bunny for Halloween. Or, dress up as the Tooth Fairy and give out quarters. Since this trick is confusing, rather than scary, you don’t have to censor yourself when young children come by.