Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween

With all the energy we pour into Halloween festivities, sometimes the needs of our pets are brushed to the side. But they’re family too, and everything you do at home for Halloween affects them as well. And since your home, people, and the atmosphere are so weird (by design) on Halloween night, you ought to take precautions to ensure your canine companion has as much fun as everybody else.

Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween

Here are five ways to ensure that your pet has a problem-free Halloween night.

1) Place All Candy Away From Canines

Halloween candy is strictly for humans only. And not just because that candy bar will ruin your dog’s fitness regimen. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine that is harmless to humans but poisonous to dogs. Just a few ounces of the sweet stuff might get your dog seriously sick. Plus, all the wrappers and foil that typically enclose candy might get accidently swallowed while your pet rummages for a treat. So always keep candy some place that is unreachable by your four-legged friends.

2) Put Lit Pumpkins Out Of Reach

Seeing glowing Jack-O-Lanterns might inspire your curious pets to investigate, and possibly tip them over. Spare both yourself and your pets this fire hazard by placing Jack-O-Lanterns somewhere that they can’t be reached. Or better yet, simply choose an artificial light to make your pumpkins glow.

3) Keep Your Pet Safely Indoors

Some people take Halloween as an opportunity to be as obnoxious and destructive as possible. That, unfortunately, means that pets are particularly at risk from unruly vandals. To protect your pet from drunken antics, keep them indoors and away from strangers who might mean them harm. To offer extra protection to your pets, you might think about doing a background check on your fellow Halloween partiers before sending out invitations. And if you do see someone who has had too much to drink causing mischief, call the police. Cops are extra-vigilant on Halloween night, and always appreciate a way to stop trouble before it starts.

4) Guard Your Dog From The Trick-Or-Treaters

If you have a dog who is particularly territorial, they might be a little anxious at the sight of so many strangers appearing at your door. Once young Halloween revelers start asking for candy, they might mistakenly believe that a parade of creatures in weird get-ups is extorting you. To keep your dog safe (and to prevent barks from scaring away potential trick-or-treaters) keep him or her away from the sight of strangers during peak trick-or-treating time.

5) Think Safety First When Choosing a Halloween Costume

When you choose a Halloween costume for your pet, your primary thought was probably, “Is this adorable enough?” When in reality you should be more concerned with how well it fits and if it inhibits your pooch’s movement at all. Constrictively tight clothing won’t just make your dog uncomfortable, it will also cause a lot of stress because they won’t be able to walk or run like they normally do.

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Warren Paperman is a blogger from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He writes about personal safety, pet care, and party planning.