Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Creative imagination comes out like never before during Halloween. Whether you opt for simple cupcake decorations or something fancy, the classic Halloween cupcake decorations like bats,witches, ghosts, gravestones, black cats, spiders with their webs, skeletons and the fall favorite – pumpkins, will always win hearts of kids and grown ups alike.

Check out our ideas for decorating cupcakes for Halloween and pleasing guests of all ages at your Halloween party.

1. Spider Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Spider Cupcakes - Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Turn an entire cupcake into a spider. Spread chocolate frosting on baked and cooled cupcake. Cover with chocolate vermicelli to make a ‘hairy’ spider. Add 2 red candies for the eyes. Make legs with green apple shoestring licorice.

2. Spider Web Cupcake

Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes - Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Bake cupcakes in Halloween themed cupcake liners. When cooled, spread white frosting and then, using black icing and a writing tip, pipe the concentric circles of the cobweb. Finally, pipe the vertical lines starting from the center and pushing their way through the concentric circles. Optionally, you can plastic spiders to decorate. A few orange quins are added to imitate the insects caught within the web.

3. Tombstone Cupcakes

Halloween Tombstone Cupcake Decorating Idea

You can replicate this cupcake with a Cupcake Decorating Kit that includes all edible decorations like the tombstones, bone decorations, chocolate sprinkles and an edible food writer pen to mark the grave stone. You can buy the kit online – Wilton 2104-0382 Halloween Tombstone Cupcake Decorating Kit

4. Witch Hat Cupcakes

Halloween Witch Hat Cupcake Decorating Idea

You will need black tinted marzipan or rolled fondant and a little modeling skills to make these hats. Model a piece of marzipan or fondant to make a hat shape. Next, roll out the fondant and cut circles to make the base of the hat. A small strip of orange colored fruit roll up will go around the cone shape of the hat. Place the adorned hat on the base using icing to glue them together. Place these on cupcakes covered with orange frosting and decorate with fine black round sprinkles.

5. Spider with Gym Shoes

Spider wearing Gym Shoes - Halloween Cupcake Decorating Idea

This cute spider is created with black icing piped with an icing tip, two large ‘eyeball’ sprinkles and the legs are actually cupcake picks inserted in the right place! A kit is available for making these cupcakes if you do not wish to go the trouble of creating the picks etc. The Wilton 415-0382 Halloween Spider Cupcake Decorating Kit with Sprinkles¬†includes the cupcake liners, gym shoe picks and the eyeball decorations. All you will need is the black frosting.

6. Witch Cupcakes

Halloween Witch Cupcake Decorating Idea
Image Credits: Jim Moore

A little creativity goes a long way in making these green witch cupcakes. Spread green frosting on the cupcakes and make the ‘hair’ using melted chocolate or chocolate frosting. Create the white part of eyes with icing and place a chocolate candy to make the eyeballs. ¬†A candy corn forms the nose and the lips are cut out from fruit leather. The final touch – a chocolate ice cream cone for the witch’s hat!

7. Stenciled Halloween Cupcakes

Stenciled Halloween Cupcakes - Decorating Idea

These Halloween cupcake stencils from Martha Stewart are a great way to decorate stencils in a different way. You can use powdered sugar or food spray to decorate using the stencils from this set. The stencil set is named ‘Vampire Stencils’ but the spiders, text stencils and other designs will look good with any Halloween theme. These stencils can be purchased online at Amazon – Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Vampire Cupcake Stencils.