Tin Man – No Carving Pumpkin Ideas

Look ‘ma, no knife! This whimsical painted tin man pumpkin is created with items readily found at at most hardware stores. Learn how to create an original painted Halloween pumpkin, no cutting or carving required.

Tin Man Halloween Pumpkin - No Carving Pumpkin Ideas


Small silver cake stand, upside down (pedestal for pumpkin)
Medium pumpkin — about 9″ diameter
1/2″ dowel, 4″ long
Two 1-1/4″ nuts with short bolts
5″ garden hose, with end included
2 washers, 2″ diameter
1 drawer pull with screws
2 pipe holders, about 2″ diameter
Metal funnel, with about 6″ spout and 6″ diameter
18 gauge wire
Silver spray paint
Hot glue

How to:

1. Spray a base coat of silver over the pumpkin.

Halloween Tin Man Pumpkin - No Carving, Painted Pumpkin
No Carving, Painted Pumpkin

2. Attach the features:

  • Screw in the nuts with the bolts for the eyes.
  • Poke the dowel into the pumpkin and glue the hose nozzle over it for the nose.
Tin Man Pumpkin
No Carving – Painted Pumpkin
  • Screw in the drawer pull for the mouth (figure A).
Tin Man Pumpkin - Screwing in the mouth
Figure A
  • Using hot glue, glue on the washers for the cheeks.Tip: For large projects, you can melt your glue sticks in an old skillet or old electric skillet (figure B) instead of using a hot glue gun.
Tin Man Pumpkin - Melting Glue for a Large Project
Melting Glue for a Large Project
  • Wire in the pipe holders for the ears.
  • Last, glue the upside down funnel as the hat.

3. Spray the entire pumpkin again with silver spray paint so that it has an even finish.

4. Turn the cake stand upside down so that it has a firm base and the pumpkin rests in the bottom of the pedestal.

Products: Everything but the pumpkin is available from a hardware store. The “silver” cake stand might be found at a garage sale or thrift shop.


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