Halloween Ghost Riddles

Get some boo-giggles with these funny one liner riddles about Ghosts. Whether you are looking to make a friend smile, or just get on their nerves (!!!) on Halloween, one of these is sure to help you out.

Halloween Ghost Riddles for SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp Status etc.

1. What did the ghost say to his crush?
You’re Boooooooo—tiful.

2. What did the ghost say when he was very sad?
Booooo Hoooooo!

3. What part of a house does a ghost not like?

4. Why do spooks never write novels?
Too many ghostwriters as it is!

5. What did one Ghost say to another ghost?
Long time no see.

6. what did the ghost say at his grandfather’s funeral?
See you at lunch!

7. How did the ghost cry?
BOO-hoo, BOO-hoo!

8. What do you do if a ghost comes through your front door?
Run out of the back door

9. What do you call a ghost with no legs?
A ghost; because ghosts don’t have legs!!

10. Where do teen-aged ghosts like to shop ?
Echo-zombie & Witch

11. What did the ghost eat for lunch?
A Boo-loony sandwich

12. What is a ghosts favorite fruit?
Boo Berries

13. What was the first thing the ghost did when he got in the car?
He buckled his sheet belt.

14. What is a Ghost’s favorite desert?
BOO-berry pie!

15. Why did the ghost go into the bar?
It wanted to get some boooooooos!

16. What do ghosts call their girlfriends?

17. What kind of gum do ghosts chew?????
Boo-ble gum

18. What kind of mistakes do ghosts make?

19. Knock,knock…who’s there? Boo. Boo who?
Don’t cry, it’s not Halloween yet!

20. What do you call a ghost that takes bets?
A BOO-ky

21. What did the ghost wear on his tux to the prom?
A boo-tonniere!

22. What did the ghost say when his brother told a lie???
That’s not true! I can see right through you!

23. What’s a ghost’s favourite room?
The DIEning room

24. What time of day do ghost come out?
NONE– they come out at night!

25. Where do ghosts shop?

26. What does a ghost call his mother and father?
His trans-parents

27. How do ghosts dance?
They shake thier boo-ty

28. What do ghosts serve for dessert??

29. What does a ghost keep in its stable?
Night Mares.

30. What kind of cars do ghosts drive?

31. Why did the ghost take his family on a elevator ride every day?
To raise their spirits.

32. Why are ghosts like newspaper?
Because they appear in sheets.

33. What color did the ghost turn after it drank orange juice?

34. Who did the ghost invite to his party?
Anyone he could dig up!

35. What is a ghost’s favorite desert?
Iced Screams!

36. What is the difference between ghosts and patched jeans?
Ghosts are dead men. Patched jeans are men-ded!

37. What kind of music does ghosts like?
Rhythm and boos!