Cat Party Favor Holder – Free Halloween Crafts

This fun little holder is easy to make and will add extra Halloween spirit to any party. You can fill it with candy or other small favors, and the cat is just the right shape that it can be used as a handle.

Cat Party Favor Holder - Free Halloween Crafts

What you will need:

1. Two black pipe cleaners
2. White gel pen
3. Black construction paper
4. Clear plastic cup
5. Scissors
6. Hot glue gun
7. Glue sticks


1. Begin by plugging in the hot glue gun, make sure that it has a glue stick in it.
2. Cut one of the black pipe cleaners in half. These two pieces will be the legs.
3. Wrap one end of the long pipe cleaner around the center of the half pipe cleaner.
4. Now bend the smaller pipe cleaner down so that you make the two front legs for the cat.
5. Create an arch in the long pipe cleaner so that it looks like a cat that is about to pounce.
6. About three inches in from the end of the long pipe cleaner attach the second small pipe cleaner at its center and fold down so that you have created the back legs.
7. There should be enough of the long pipe cleaner at the end for the tail of the cat. Pull it up and curve it slightly to make it look more like a tail.
8. Cut a face shape out of the black construction paper.
9. Use the white pen to draw on the cat’s nose, mouth and eyes.
10. Use the hot glue gun to glue the cat face on to the pipe cleaner where the front legs are attached to the long pipe cleaner. Set aside and let dry.
11. While the glue is drying, poke four holes into the top of the plastic cup with the scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure that the holes are in the right place so that you can attach the cat to the top of the cup with its legs.
12. Insert one leg into each of the holes on the cup.
13. Pull the pipe cleaner through enough so that you can fold up the pipe cleaner so that it doesn’t fall off of the cup.