Colored Gloves Add the Finishing Touch to Any Halloween Costume

You’ve spent hours assembling the perfect Halloween costume—the hair, the makeup, the shoes. Still, something seems like its missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Did you remember gloves?

Many costume kits don’t come with small accessories like gloves, so you might have to buy them separately. Gloves are so adaptable, however,  that many styles can be used for multiple costumes. Here are just a few costume ideas and uses for colored gloves that you may want to consider for your next costume party.

Sexy Witch

sexy witch costume

No witch costume is complete without a pair of striped tights and a pair of short finger gloves. For a sexy spin on this costume classic, however, you could swap the striped tights for a pair of fishnet pantyhose or metallic splash thigh highs and a pair of fishnet lace fingerless gloves.

1920’s Flapper

1920’s Flapper Costumes

With the popularity of hit movie The Great Gatsby, the art-deco style of the 1920’s is back en vogue and a flapper costume will certainly be a crowd-pleaser as well. So put your hair in a bob, don a fringed dress and slip on a pair of nylon shoulder gloves.

French Maid

French maid costumes

How else will you be able to determine the cleanliness of your host’s home than by performing the white glove test? No French maid costume is complete without a pair of white wrist gloves.

1980’s Rock Star

1980’s Funky Rock Star Costume

Everyone wants to be a rock star! And there was no better era for female rockers than the 1980’s.The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your own rock star costume. Whether you want to channel you inner Madonna and wear a pair of lace gloves or perfect your own punk rock look with a pair of fingerless black striped arm warmers, you need a pair of colored gloves to complete the look!


monster costumes for women

Striped arm warmers or shoulder gloves are so versatile that they can be used for multiple costumes. You could be a rock star one year and use the same gloves to create your own monster costume the next year. Green corset gloves could also be used for a monster one year and a sexy witch the next!

Super Hero

women super hero costumes

Wonder Woman needs red gloves; Cat Woman needs black. Whatever super hero you prefer, you will be powerless without gloves!

Cruella DeVille

Cruella DeVille Costumes for Women

Of course a proper villain needs a pair of power gloves too! You probably already have most of what you need to put together a Cruella Deville costume in your closet. A black dress, some faux fur and a tube of red lipstick. All you need to bring this villain to life is a pair of red shoulder gloves and a black and white wig!


Princess Costumes for Adults

Almost any fairytale princess wears colored gloves as well. Belle wore long yellow gloves; Snow White wore short white ones. So choose a pair fit for royalty and blow a kiss to your own Prince Charming.


Bumblebee Costume for Women

When you’re tired of being a princess, you can reuse those long yellow gloves for a cute bumblebee costume. Or, try a pair of black corset gloves for a look that’s fierce.

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  • September 19, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    All these outfits are… bewitching…. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself but should have. All except that red, white and blue super woman’s outfit. I know she is modeled after some hero or other whose name escapes me (Ironwoman?) but she just looks “retro-stupid.”

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