Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas for People Who Hate Costumes or Don't Have Time to Buy One

Name Tag

13. Wear a nametag that reads “Frank” and carry a large beer mug in order to be Frank N Stein.

14. You have two choices if you attach several nametags with different names on your body. You can either be an identity crisis or have multiple personalities. Become Pink Floyd by dressing all in pink with a nametag that read “Floyd.”

15. Get either a pumpkin or a pumpkin pie, write “Peter Peter” on your nametag and you’re Peter, Peter, Pumpkin eater.

16. Finally, on the morbid side, get a pitcher and wear a name tag that reads “Welcome to Jonestown. My name is (your name).” Carry some cups and see how many people are willing to drink.

Construction Paper

17. Dress masculine and tape an “E” to your chest to become email.

18. If you’re going with a partner, they can drape themselves in paperclips and become an attachment.

19. Cut out a bunch of B’s and but them in plastic bags. Be sure to keep an eye on them since you are a “B” keeper.

20. You’ll need a nametag, unless you’re named John, and a large piece of construction paper or black plastic cut in the shape of a circle. When people ask, put the circle on the floor and stand on it. Voila! You’re Johnny on the spot!

Add a Couple of Props

21. Wear a large garbage bag with the letter “T” attached to the front and you can be a tea bag.

22. If you have a suit and a birthday hat, you can easily become a birthday suit—horn, kazoo, and cake are optional.

23. You can easily become “blackmail” if you dress all in black and attach a letter or a postage stamp to your chest.

24. If you have a small dumbbell, carry it around and stare at it on occasion. When people ask, tell them you are watching your weight.

25. Attach some old keys to a dog leash and wrap it around you neck to become Alicia Keys (a leash of keys).

26. Want to be God’s gift to women? Wear brightly colored clothes, wrap some ribbon around your stomach, and attach a large bow. Then, take a piece of paper or a large gift tag and write on it “To: Women, From: God.”

Dressing up doesn’t have to be a chore or inexpensive. Comfort is the key to all of these costumes, which is the most important thing when going to a party.

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