5 Halloween Party Décor Ideas for Adults

cheese and meat head

Even though we are too old for trick or treating, many adults get into the spirit of halloween by … [Read more...]

Halloween Balloon Decorations

What could be cheaper and simpler than using balloons. You can decorate your home for Halloween … [Read more...]

Spooky Signs – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Hang spooky signs inside and outside. Starting from outdoors, your guests can be welcomed to the … [Read more...]

Tombstones – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

What a way to welcome party guests this Halloween! Make them walk their way to the party venue … [Read more...]

Spider Webs – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Photo Courtesy: Dorothy, USA Create spider webs in the house using white yarn or string or using … [Read more...]

Food Serving Suggestions – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Use carved out pumpkins and gourds as serving bowls for the food and a cauldron can be used for a … [Read more...]

Hanging Bats – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Hang glow in the dark bats, spiders and eyes from the ceiling and dim the lights. You can even hang … [Read more...]

Dry Ice Fog Effects – Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

For truly dramatic effects, create fog using dry ice. Add one piece of dry ice to every gallon of … [Read more...]

Crystal Ball – Halloween Party Decorating Idea

Display a large glass ball on a table with a card announcing that it is a crystal ball. You can add … [Read more...]

Changing Portraits on Wall – Scary Halloween Decor

A Spine-Chilling experience for your party guests - when framed portraits on the wall change into … [Read more...]

Light and Music – Halloween Party Decorating Idea

Add to the spooky atmosphere at your Halloween party by playing on light effects and music. Add … [Read more...]

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