Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be a fun time for kids, their parents, and even the family pet! However, just like with kids, there are safety precautions that need to be observed to keep your pet safe on Halloween. Here are some tips that will help keep your beloved cat or dog safe and sound:

Don’t leave them outside

Never leave your pet outside on Halloween. Believe it or not, there are cruel people out there that actually kidnap roaming pets and torture them as part of their sickening rituals or use them as part of a dangerous Halloween pranks. Black cats are especially susceptible to abduction from Halloween troublemakers. So to be safe, keep all animals indoors during Halloween as well as the day before and after.

Keep them comfortable and well-provided for

House your cat or dog in a secure room separated from the living room if you’ll be giving out candy or hosting a Halloween party. Even the friendliest cats and dogs can become stressed with so many people coming in and out. And it’s possible that your furry friend may dart out the door while you’re handing out candy. Worst case scenario is that your dog or cat may snap at strange children or even injure them. So play it safe and keep your pet in a secure area. To keep them comfortable, provide them with food, water, some favorite toys and treats, something to chew on, somewhere to relieve themselves and a soft place to lay. This will help soothe and comfort animals who aren’t used to being confined to one area.

Away from fire

Keep lit jack-o-lanterns and burning candles far out of the reach of your pets, as your dog or cat could easily tip these objects over, resulting in a damaging and even deadly house-fire. Also, even if they don’t tip it over, many curious cats will venture too close to a candle flame and get badly burned.

No candy for pets

Halloween candy is extremely dangerous for pets. Chocolate is very toxic and could kill your pet if he or she consumed enough. Also, the aluminum wrappers can also be harmful if your pet swallows them. At the very least, your pet would get very ill if he or she consumed candy.

Costumes for Pets?

As cute as a dog or cat in a Halloween costume is, it may not be the best idea. If your pet is not used to being dressed up, they may become distressed. Also, some costumes could have dangerous strings that could strangle your pet, or small adornments that could be swallowed and choked on. If you must dress your pet up for Halloween, use a costume designed specifically for the kind of animal you have.

If you follow these basic safety tips, you and your family can enjoy a fun Halloween while your pet stays out of harm’s way.