Witch on a Broom – Free Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Not to be confused with present day pagan or Wiccan witches that do good to the humans, the typical storybook ‘Halloween’ witches are old, wrinkled dames casting evil spells and roaming about on full moon nights on their brooms.

Witch on Broom Pumpkin Stencil


Often accompanied by cats, these witches are always on a lookout for naughty children to cast wicked spells on. Always dressed in black, the color of mourning, or green, the color of evil – these witches and the evil black cats will glow on your pumpkin and give your home an instant Halloween mood.

Click on the image below to download a full-size image of this pattern. Enlarge or make as small as needed. Patterns will open in a new window.

Download Witch on a Broom Pumpkin Carving Pattern.