Howling Wolf and Full Moon Pumpkin Carving Pattern

The Full Moon at Midnight. Is it going to turn into a werewolf now? A different take on our ‘Wolf Howling at the Moon’ pumpkin carving pattern, this one features the wolf howling, silhouetted by the full moon.

Howling Wolf and Full Moon Pumpkin Carving Pattern

A lone wolf stands on a hill with the full moon risen behind it and howls loud into the night. This pumpkin carving stencil will conjure the image of deep, dark forests with not-so-mortal dangers lurking within like a werewolf perhaps.

Click on the link below (or the image above) to open the full-sized pattern. The stencil will open in a new window. Print it out and tape to your pumpkin and carve out the gray parts.

Download the ‘Howling Wolf and Full Moon’ Pumpkin Carving Pattern

We design the patterns to fit the largest of pumpkins so you may need to re-size the image according to the size of your pumpkin.