How to Make a Head on a Platter Prank for a Halloween Party

Halloween is a spooky time when the old and young alike enjoy a little fright. Ghosts, goblins, witches, and werewolves take to the streets in search of tricks and treats. No Halloween is complete without a haunted house Halloween party full of creepy, crawly critters to scare and delight.

Every Halloween party has spiders, cobwebs, and carved pumpkins. Don’t settle for the common Halloween ingredients. If you want to amaze your friends with the most frightening house of them all, then you must have a severed head served on a platter in the center of your dinning room table.

Find a Volunteer

Sounds hard, doesn’t it? How do you find a volunteer willing to have their head chopped off? Start by finding someone with a good since of humor who loves to dish out a jolt every now and then.

A Special Table

It really isn’t hard to create this special effect. Start with an adjustable table that pulls apart in the center. Pull the sides apart as you would do to insert the extender. If no table is available, then you can use a large box. A refrigerator or stove box will work well. You might even be able to get an extra large box from a moving supply store. Decide how you will lay the box, and then cut the bottom out. Make a hole in the top that is large enough to allow your volunteer’s head to fit through.

Setting the Table

The next step is to cut a hole in the center of a large table cloth or sheet. The hole should be just large enough to go over your volunteer’s head. Make sure that the cloth is long enough to hang to the floor so that you can conceal the body, which will remain attached to the volunteer’s head.

The ‘Platter’

You will also need a large, disposable serving platter. A cheap aluminum one works the best because you can easily cut a hole in it. Make sure that it fits over the head of your faithful volunteer. Once you have the size of the hole right, cover the inside rim of the hole with tape. This will protect your assistant from being cut by the sharp edge.


Other supplies that you will need include fake blood, kale, assorted fruits or vegetables, and a zombie make-up kit from your local Halloween store. It is great if you have a large dome shaped lid that will fit over the head. This allows you to completely surprise your guests at just the right moment.


Before the party, use the make-up kit to give your volunteer a nice dead look. Dark circles around the eyes and fake cuts and bruises add a ghoulish appearance. Have the lucky person sit under the box or table with their head poking out of the top. They will be very grateful if you provide a large cushion to sit on. Once they are comfortably in place, put the sheet over the table or box. Double check to make sure that everything from the neck down is fully hidden.

Decorate your ‘Dish’

Next, place the platter over the head. Use the kale to garnish your dish, and make sure that you hide the hole in the center of the platter. Add a few pieces of fruit or raw vegetables around the plate to make it more appetizing. Lastly, use the fake blood to add the finishing touches to the “severed” head. Decorate the rest of your table with refreshments for the party.

Cover with a Lid

Conceal your dead head with the dome shaped lid until your guests arrive and you are ready to serve refreshments. Choose your victim and ask them to uncover the main dish. Hopefully your volunteer will play dead for a second by staying still with his eyes closed. Just when everyone has recovered from the initial startle of finding a head on the table, he should spring to life, opening his eyes wide and making a scary face at the crowd. If anyone has a weak heart, you may have to call 911.

By following these instructions, you are sure to have the most memorable haunted house Halloween party of the year. Your friends will be talking about it for days, always with a shudder. Happy haunting!