Ask or Barter for Candy – Safe Halloween Prank for Kids

Two for One

Who says kids should get all the candy, with none left for you? Still, you don’t want to be a total miser, so offer the trick-or-treaters a deal: you will give them two pieces of candy if they give you one. You won’t run out of candy at a slower rate, but you will end up with a really varied candy bowl.

Dress up like a Cartoon Villain Character

For added effect, dress up as a traditionally greedy, familiar sort of figure, like Scrooge, a pirate, or a Disney villain. Yell “Trick or Treat!” before the children do as they approach your doorway, and ask for candy. If the children protest (as they probably will, while giggling), make a two-for-one deal with them.

A Safe Prank for Little Kids

Let the children choose which candy to give you, and which candy to take from your bowl. It might be interesting to see what’s popular. Like trick number four, an added plus to this trick is that it isn’t very scary, so it can be played on any child old enough to understand simple math.

Creating Memorable Stories for Years to Come!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for some entertainment in exchange for all the sugar you’re passing out to the neighborhood this Halloween, especially when it’ll help to liven up the trick-or-treating stories of every kid to come near. Any one of these tricks can bring back the sense of scariness to Halloween, and on top of that, should give you a well-deserved chuckle or two.