Teen Halloween Party – Party Themes & Ideas for Halloween

Teens love Halloween but parties for teens don’t have to be quite as structured. Here are some dos and don’ts from 14-16 year olds, this may help you get started, but the best bet is to talk with your own teen and find out what he or she thinks would be most fun for their group of friends.

Teen Halloween Party - Party Themes & Ideas for Halloween


1. Most of the time costumes are great, but make sure and let everyone know if it is a costume party or not. Teenagers don’t like feeling left out.

2. Have a mixer type atmosphere. In a large room of the house put up decorations, dim the lights and have music playing. If they want to dance they can, but mostly teenagers will just socialize.

3. Serve plenty of food and candy.

4. Scavenger hunts are perfect ideas for teens.

5. If there is a commercially run haunted house nearby, offer this as an activity. The teens that want to go can and the others can stay at the house and mingle. Sending an older person with the group going to the haunted house is a good idea, but make sure they keep their distance and only get involved if they are needed.

6. Offer scary and funny Halloween movies. If they want to watch them they can.

7. Murder mystery games are also a fun idea

8. If you have somewhere to have a bonfire teenagers will enjoy this. Offer marshmallows, and hot dogs to cook. Play music and offer some ideas like playing capture the flag with flashlights or sardines but don’t organize it. If the teenagers want to do it they will.


9. Have structured relay games or contests. You can offer what the teenagers will need to do certain games, but too much structure and organization is “not cool,” and the party will be considered more fun if the teenagers come up with things to do on their own.

10. Have adults hovering too much in the party unless the teenagers say it is okay. Let them know what the boundaries are of the party i.e. how long they can stay, where they can go etc. and then let them have fun and only check in every once in a while.