Halloween Party Favors for Kids

Need some great ideas for party favors for kids for your Halloween party, or trick-or-treaters or Haunted House guests? Here are some of the coolest ideas that won’t blow your budget.

1. Glow Sticks, Necklaces and Bracelets

Hand over to your little guests the best brand of glow sticks and bracelets. They will glow super bright for 6 – 10 hours. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 24 hours. Available in Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Light Blue, they make perfect Halloween party favors. You could hand out a set of one glow stick, one necklace and one bracelet each or choose any one.

200 pcs Glow Sticks 6 inch – $90.00

from: PrettyPartyPlace.com

100 pcs Glow Necklaces 22 inch – $55.00

from: PrettyPartyPlace.com

500 pc Glow Bracelets 8 inch – $49.95

from: PrettyPartyPlace.com

2. Tiny Halloween Puzzle Games

Cute little Halloween themed puzzle games are available in quantities of a dozen for a few bucks.

12 pc Halloween Pill Puzzle games – $1.20

12 pc Halloween Fun Puzzle Books – $1.80

3. Halloween Themed Noise makers

If there is one thing kids adore even more than candy, it is noise makers. Choose from different types of halloween themed stuff that clangs, claps or whistles, hand it over to the children at any party and watch them turn from the sweetest of angels to noise-making ghouls!

12 pc Fang Whistles – $2

12 pc Halloween Clackers – $1.80

12 pc Halloween Balloon Whistles – $3