Halloween Kids Party Games

Need some ideas for games for a school Halloween party or a kids bash at your home? Try some of these:

1. Scary Pumpkin – This is played just like hot potato only the kids will pass a small pumpkin. Play music and when it stops the kid with the pumpkin is out. Make sure those who are out don’t feel left out by letting them help you with the music.

2. Scarecrow Contest – Divide the kids into smaller groups. Give each group old clothes, pillowcases, markers that will write on cloth, hats, gloves, some sort of stuffing like newspaper and any other items they might use to create a scarecrow. Give the kids time to make their scarecrow, then display them and give out ribbons that say things like “scariest, goofiest, most creative” and so on.

3. Mummy Wrap Relay – Divide kids into groups and have them line up. At the other end have a few rolls of toilet paper. To do the relay two kids must run down to the toilet paper, one must wrap the other like a mummy until the roll is gone then they run back. When they get back two other kids go until everyone has had a turn. The first team to get all their mummies wrapped gets a prize.

4. Bowling for Ghosts – Make empty two-liter bottles look like ghosts by spray painting them white then drawing faces on them with black permanent marker. Put some sand or pebbles in the bottom of the bottles. Line up the bottles just like you would for bowling. Use a small round pumpkin for the bowling ball. The kids will love it.

5. Candy Toss – Get small wrapped candies like tootsie rolls. Have kids divide into teams. Put a big bowl of the candy at one end and an empty bowl at the other for each team. Start music and the first person on the team throws as many candies as they can into the bowl. Stop the music and the next person on the team is up and they throw until the music stops. When everyone has had a turn count up the candies that made it in the bowl and the team with the most wins.

6. Halloween Pictionary – Write a bunch of Halloween words on little slips of paper. Put the paper in a bowl. Divide into two teams. One person from each team chooses a paper from the bowl, then must draw on a chalkboard or piece of paper until their team figures out what it is.