Really Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

There are many fun ideas for adult Halloween parties, this one is a little different but will definitely keep everyone entertained and talking about the party for a long time. The party combines all the traditional fun of Halloween such as costumes, along with some fun insight into superstitions and bad luck omens. The decorations and the food are not for the faint hearted!


Draw the outline of a cat onto black construction paper. Decorate by adding yellow eyes and other features. On the back use a white pen to write down the information for the party.


Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors Halloween Party Decoration

The superstitious used to believe that the image seen in a mirror was actually the soul, and that a broken mirror represented the soul being away from the body. To break the bad luck of a broken mirror a person had to wait seven hours before picking up the broken pieces then bury the pieces in the moonlight. Decorate with cheap broken mirrors (be sure none of the pieces will fall out).

Corpses and Scary Figures

Stuff trash bags and use horror masks to create truly horrifying scenes in different areas of your house.

Trash bag corpse: Scary Halloween Decorating

Stuff a trash bag and place the corpse at a busy place sure to be visited by you guests.

Halloween zombie figure - Scary Halloween Decorations

Use store-bought masks to create zombie figures on walls.

The Conjuring -Anabelle'? Dress dolls as Zombie Kids for scary Halloween Yard Decorations
Anabelle Creations? The Conjuring? Dress dolls as Zombie Kids for scary Halloween Yard Decorations

Vintage ‘walking dolls’ from thrift stores will bring back memories of ‘The Conjuring’. Dress them as Zombie kids playing ‘Ring-a-ring-o-roses’ in your front yard.

Cursed Ladders

Put out a couple of ladders. The superstition that it was bad to walk underneath a ladder comes from the fact that before gallows criminals were hung from the top rung of a ladder and it was believed that their spirit stayed there. For added spookiness hang a ghost from the top rung.

The number ‘Thirteen’

Put the number 13 wherever you can, on the bathroom door, in the number of jack-o-lanterns you have displayed, etc.

Upside Down Horseshoe

Hang a horseshoe over the entrance of the party upside down. When it is like this the good luck “spills” out.

Scary Food Ideas

Shrunken apple heads in your punch bowl - Scary Halloween party Food Ideas
Add shrunken apple heads to your punch bowl to make for a really scary looking Halloween party drink.

Zombie lunch of noodle brains and edible eyeballs with Halloween spiders
Zombie lunch of noodle brains and edible eyeballs with Halloween spiders

Games and Activities

1. Have a bonfire.

Ghosts around a Bonfire


Let everyone know that the bonfire came from Northern Ireland where Druids would perform rituals around the bonfire. They would throw the bones of cattle into the fire, and it is believed that this is where the word bonfire came from. The bonfire ritual was supposed to guarantee that the sun would be bright the following year.

2. Black Cat Halloween Game

To play you will need everyone to sit in a circle and hold hands. One person will be chosen to sit in the middle. Without the person in the middle knowing one person will be chosen to start the path of the black cat. To do this they squeeze one of the hands they are holding. The person who has the cat passed to them squeezes the previous persons hand twice to let them know they got the cat. They then squeeze the next persons hand and the cat goes around the circle until the person in the middle can figure out where it is and cross the cat’s path.

3. Halloween Body Part Toss Game

Halloween 'Toss' Game. Toss store-bought 'body parts' through the 'victim'.

Our creative friends at Halloween Alliance came up with this brilliant idea. Create the outline of a victim’s body and glue stuffed clothes onto it. Buy some store bought ‘body parts’ (available during Halloween) and play a ‘toss’ game. You could make a less scary version of this for a kids party.