A Bat Themed Halloween Party – Halloween Party Theme/Idea

Goodbye ghosts and goblins. Here come the bats! You saw them in ‘Bats’ and in ‘Harry Potter’ and they are sure to be in every horror flick you ever choose to see. Take a cue and plan your next Halloween party around these innocent, yet scary black mammals.


bat party invitation

You can draw (using stencils) or stick black bats on orange construction paper or simply print out the above image to use as invitations.


1. If you have trees in your yard, hang inverted bats made out of black construction paper or purchased fake bats from them and set the mood for the party right from the entrance to your house.

2. Use decals or just plain cutouts in the shape of bats on the front door to welcome guests. Use a fun, chilling line such as “The Bats Have Arrived….And They Are Waiting Inside For You”.

3. Place pumpkins carved with bat patterns all over the house and on the mantels for display and light. Use our Halloween Bat Stencil for the purpose. See Pumpkin Face Carved with Bat Motifs photo for ideas.

4. Hang bats from the ceilings along with black and orange balloons or ribbon.

5. Take a large bare tree branch, paint it black, add some fake or dry leaves and hang bats from it. Place it right in the center of the room for an accent decoration or place in a corner.

6. Bat shaped confetti is available easily and can be used to pep-up tables, mantles, place settings, buffet bars etc.


1. Place bat-shaped cookies in a large platter on the table or make cookie pops and place them in a black or orange paper cup.

2. Cupcakes are a great way to incorporate any theme into the menu. Use black icing on cupcakes and add bat shaped edible decorations or simply trace a bat with black icing on white or orange frosting.

3. Bat shaped sandwiches and pancakes can also be made using bat shaped cutters.


Look for bat-shaped knick-knacks like key chains, coin bags etc. or those with bat motifs with them and out them in paper or fabric bags decorated with bat cutouts or appliqu├ęs.