Autumn Fun Barn Party – Halloween Party Ideas

For younger kids and parties that will include whole families a scary party is probably not the best idea. Instead throw this fun barn party.


Get a small pumpkin for each family that is being invited. Draw a funny face on the front and write the information for the party on the pumpkin. Or attach the information for the party by rolling up the paper, tying it with raffia and tying the invite to the stem of the pumpkin.


Decorate the barn with lots of hay, pumpkins, dried corn and maybe even a scarecrow, which can by made by stuffing an old pair of jeans and a shirt with hay then attaching a carved pumpkin for the head.

Activities and Games:

> Offer wagon rides where everyone can sit together and enjoy the autumn air.

> Have a pumpkin-decorating contest. You can either ask everyone to bring an already decorated pumpkin or you can provide a table with lots of items to decorate pumpkins at the party. Towards the end of the party have a judging. Be sure to have multiple prizes and contest winning titles such as “funniest” pumpkin, scariest pumpkin, most life-like and so on.

> Have a costume contest. If you have a large group you will most likely want to divide the contest by ages and give at least a small prize and some recognition to the each younger kid to avoid bad feelings.

> Hide candy and small prizes in loose hay and let the kids look for them. They will enjoy it because it is like a scavenger hunt.

> Set up a karaoke machine and have a contest where singers sing songs like the “Monster Mash,” and “Ghostbusters.”


Offer hot dogs, cheese puffs, cookies and other easy to make and eat foods. Be sure to add to the décor with the food by putting the punch in a cauldron and the food in other fun Halloween themed dishes.