4 Incredible Ideas for an Amazing Halloween Party for Adults

There are a lot of things that you can do to amaze your guests at a Halloween party without spending a lot of money but by obtaining a GREAT effect. Follow these ideas and your Halloween party will be INCREDIBLE!

1. Watermelon Jack-O-Lanterns

Watermelon Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween Party Decorations
Watermelons are easier to carve and the scooped out fruit gives you the ideal blood-red color for drinks and food.

For Halloween everyone uses Pumpkins, but you can use a lot of fruits. Pineapples and Watermelons are easier to carve and in case of Watermelons you can use the juice for creating a lot of blood-colored cocktails!

2. Drink Different!

We already talked about the possibility of making cocktails with watermelon juice to have something red that can look as a creepy bloody-something! But we have another crazy idea for you. Create a drink that people will eat instead of drink!

Halloween Vodka Soaked Gummy Candy Shots
A Halloween Party Drink that Can be Eaten!

No, We are not crazy! You can use gummy candies, put them into a container in your fridge for a couple of days with vodka. And there you have your little candies full of alcohol.
Caution: Eating 10 of these is like drinking a normal cocktail so be careful. In the picture you can see gummy bears, but for Halloween you can also use other kind of gummy candies: worms, globes and other special gummy Halloween characters!

3. Have Fun with a Little Prank!

Halloween Watergun Party Prank
Shoot Drinks into Your Guests Mouths with a Water Gun!

A perfect prank for a party! Have fun with your friends by greeting them at the door with a water gun full of some drinks that you can shoot… into their mouths! They will have fun and are guaranteed to love this other kind of drinking! If you find a gun like the one in the picture it will be perfect for a Halloween Party with an ALIENS theme!

4. Bring the Zombie Makeup Back

The best part of Halloween is wearing a costumes and Halloween masks, but in the last few years Halloween costumes have become more “Carnival” style and people are forgetting all the horror and magic mood of the night. This year, bring back the Scary Halloween mood. Spare the cow boy or penguin costume for Halloween, and instead, be a Monster or a Zombie.

Halloween Zombie Makeup
Enough of the Cowboys. Bring the Halloween Horror back with Scary Makeup Ideas

If you don’t have time or money for a costume you can be a SCARY monster or the undead by just using makeup on your face, as seen in the picture! Wear it with regular clothes. It is very cheap and easy and has a great effect!