Pumpkin Pile-Up Tree – Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Need a last-minute Halloween yard decoration that will make visitors say ‘Wow’? This pile-up pumpkin tree is perfect if you have pumpkins lying in your yard and will stay put for many weeks.

Halloween pumpkin tree - Outdoor Halloween Decorating Idea

There are several ways you can make this a reality.

1. If you really have tons of pumpkins, just start piling them up. Remember to save the largest for the ‘tree-topper’.

2. You can use hay bales or pretty much anything underneath and arrange pumpkins over them. Tuck in leaves, flowers and other gourds that you might have, between the pumpkins to finish.

3. Who says tree decorating is only for Christmas? You can ‘decorate’ your pumpkin tree with any Halloween props, spooky toys, owls or bats you may have.

4. You can use carved Jack-O-Lanterns or other pumpkin designs for the tree-topper pumpkin and even stack some carved and lit pumpkins in some spaces on the tower.

There you go! Your masterpiece Halloween Pumpkin Tree is ready to welcome visitors and decorate your yard for the Fall.