Outdoor Halloween Decorations

With all the trick-or-treaters coming by the house outdoor Halloween decorations are a great way to get into the Halloween fun. Here are a few ideas to help you create a spooky look:

• Spooky Skeleton Halloween Mailbox Decoration
‘Boo’ visitors right at the first turn

• Halloween Pumpkin Snowmen
Make easy Halloween ‘snowmen’ with pumpkins

• Cemetery with Tombstones
Create a cemetery in the front yard

• Milk Carton Halloween Luminaries
Turn milk cartons into fun luminaries

• Halloween Planters
Add Halloween fun to your garden

• Garbage Bag Jack-Os
Turn garbage bags into Jack-o-lanterns for your yard

More Ideas

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

• Make ghosts out of large Styrofoam balls and old white sheets. Simply tie the sheet around the ball, and then give the ghost a face with a black permanent marker. Hang them from trees or from porch ceilings.

• Add an eerie glow by putting colored light bulbs in your porch or garage lights. Orange, black and green are all great Halloween colors.

• With washable paint, paint large monster footprints on the sidewalk or driveway.

• Make a witch by covering a Styrofoam oval with green fabric. Give her a face with a black permanent marker. Attach a witch’s hat. Use a long black shirt to give the witch a body. Stuff knee high stockings with newspaper and attach them to the bottom of the shirt. Give her a black cape. Hang the witch from a tree sitting on her broomstick.

• Make the trees have eyes by cutting big eyes out of white paper and then gluing on black circles. Shine a black light on the eyes to make them glow.