Haunted Halloween Trees- Decorating Tips for Halloween

Haunted Halloween Tree Decoration
Photo Credits: Mike Spasoff

Give your house a Halloween makeover by placing scary ‘Halloween Trees’ in different spots. With a few materials from your backyard and your local craft store, you can make these trees and decorate your house for Halloween on a very tight budget.

What you will need:

  • Clay/Terracotta Pots

  • Black paint

  • Leafless tree branches

  • Sand

  • Black rocks

  • Strands of small Orange lights

  • 1-2 artificial crows

  • 1 artificial owl

    Misc. Halloween Decorations

  • Glue or Wire

Making the Halloween Trees:

Paint the pots with black paint and leave aside to dry.

When dry, fill them with sand and insert the branches in them.

Cover with black rocks.

Paint tips of some of the smaller branches with black paint. Let dry.

String the orange lights to decorate the tree.

Glue or use wire to attach the crows and owl to the branches.

Displaying your trees:

Make trees in different sizes using pots according to the size of the branches. Display the smaller trees on table tops and mantels and place larger ones on the floor in corners or inside an empty fireplace. Using 4 to 5 of these trees in a room will transform the room to a scary, barren jungle.