Halloween Dinner Place Setting Ideas

Halloween Dinner Place Setting IdeasHaving a sit-down Halloween dinner with the family and friends. These fun place settings will be a hit.

• Decorate paper boxes with Halloween wrapping paper or rubber Halloween stamps. Put the names on the top of the box, and fill the box with Halloween candy. Or you can ask each guest what his or her favorite type of candy bar is, and put it in the box.

• Get a small gourd for each person attending. Cut a slit in the top wide enough to slip a piece of paper into. Put the name on a decorative piece of paper and slip into the gourd. Put the place setting on a plate.

• Turn clothespins into witches, goblins and monsters using different colored craft foam. Write names on a slip of paper and attach the place setting with the clothespin on the rim of a glass.

• Create mini witch’s hats by rolling a piece of black paper to look like a cone. Glue a circle of black paper to the bottom. Lean a card against the hat that has the person’s name on it.

• Turn small paper cups into spiders with black chenille stems for legs and googly eyes. Put each persons name on a cup with a permanent marker. Underneath the cup you can place a small treat for each person.

• Make gravestones out of cardboard. Cover with gray paper and then write “Here lies” followed by the person’s name. Set the gravestone and the head of each place setting.

• Turn a sucker into a ghost by covering it with white paper and drawing on a face with a black permanent marker. Tie with a ribbon at the base of the sucker. Attach a small piece of paper that has the person’s name on it. You can also make a few suckers for each person, and bunch them together in a clay pot or cup with the person’s name on it.