Halloween Decoration Ideas: Curtains, Windows, and Doors

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Add some Halloween spirit to your home with some simple additions to your curtains or windows, or by adding curtains to doorways.

• Turn a window tie back into a fun way to display some Halloween decorations. Attach small skulls, bats, witches hats, plastic pumpkins, spiders or any other decoration you can think of to each end of the tie back. When you tie the curtains make sure your decorations are in the front.

• Have a room where the curtains aren’t exactly Halloween colors. Change it up quickly by draping black silky fabric over your other curtains. Another popular idea is to use the creepy, shredded cloth curtains.

• Create a witches doorway by using decorative brooms. Attach one on each side then two facing opposite directions above the doorway.

• Instead of buying fabric, get a couple of spools of wide ribbon in orange and black. Tie one end of a ribbon to the curtain rod, cut it so that is goes all the way down to the windowsill and continue doing this alternating colors. You will get a fun look for cheap. You could also substitute the ribbon for crepe paper, but it is harder to tie. This can also be done over doorways for a fun look.

• Want to create the feeling that you’re in an old haunted house? Create a view. Find a large poster of an eerie view that is large enough to fit into a window. If you have cross sections in the window use a pencil to trace these onto the poster. Then cut the poster and attach it to the window.

• Create a curtain of spider webs on any window or doorway. Be sure to include small plastic spiders.

• Get thick fabric in deep reds, drape the fabric above doorways and let it hang down. Tie the fabric back with gold colored cords. Do the same on all windows, and you will create an old Victorian house feel.

• Put a scary “Beware” sign on the front door. Increase the feel by covering the door in butcher’s paper then decorating it to look old, broken or covered in overgrown weeds.