Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

Halloween Centerpiece Ideas - Cupcake Stand
Wilton Haunted Manor Cupcake and Treat Stand

A simple centerpiece can add the Halloween spirit to any kitchen or room with a decorative table.

• Put a few branches with fall colored leaves in a clear vase. Surround the vase with small pumpkins or gourds.

• Get black pillar candles in various sizes. Push small star shaped studs or scrapbooking brads into the candles. Arrange them in the center of the table and wrap Halloween themed party wire around the group. If you have a long table you can create three smaller groupings of candles down the center.

• Get three trays in descending sizes, so that you have a large tray, middle tray and small tray. Fill six tall clear glass cups with candy corn. Put the largest tray in the center of the table. Then put three of the cups on the tray in a triangular arrangement. Place the middle tray on top of the cups. On the middle tray place the other three cups in a triangular arrangement and place the smallest tray on top. On top of the smallest tray you can put a small decorative item such as a small decorated pumpkin, a small lantern with a candle in it, or a happy Halloween sign. On each of the trays add dried leaves, large orange plastic flowers and other small Halloween items around the glasses.

• Turn small pumpkins into candleholders. Cut the pumpkin just as if you were going to carve it and clean out the insides. Place Styrofoam squares inside the pumpkin so that when you put a candle on top you can see most of the candle out of the top of the pumpkin. Fill in around the candle with small black rocks or marbles.

• Get black carnations from a florist shop (they are dyed to be this color), and orange and white candy sticks. Fill a straight tall vase with water and arrange the black carnations inside so that they come just above the each of the vase and create a nice round top. Adhere the orange and white candy sticks around the vase vertically, so that you cannot see the vase. Tie a large back ribbon around the vase.

• A cupcake stand can turn into a stunning centerpiece for Halloween. Choose a design that goes with your Halloween decor and add to it, cupcakes in co-ordinating colors and place it at the center of your table.