Grave Consequences – Halloween Centerpiece

Give your Halloween guests the creeps by placing this dreadfully haunted graveyard scene as a table centerpiece or on any spare table or shelf in your house.

Grave Consequences - DIY Halloween Centerpiece

What you will need:

  • Styrofoam sheet (use sizes depending upon how big or small you want your grave to be)

  • Styrofoam block

  • Dried branches

  • Halloween accents – skeleton, spiders, bats and scorpions

  • Witch’s broom craft accent

  • Broom hair

  • White paper scrap

  • Red paint

  • Black and White paint


Grave centerpiece detail1. Paint dried branches and broom hair with black paint and keep aside to dry.

2. Cut out required shapes. You will need a sheet for the base and a piece of the sheet for the gravestone. The block will make the grave.

3. Mix black and a small amount of white paint to create gray. Paint all the cut pieces.

4. Using only black paint and a fine paint brush, mark an outline on the grave and the graveyard and paint the words “BEWARE – He Never Rests’ on the gravestone.

5. Insert pins halfway into the bottom of the gravestone and glue it to the grave block by pushing the pins into the glued part of the grave.

6. Glue the grave on the base sheet.

7. Push the black painted broom grass around the grave.

8. Glue and push the black painted branches into the base sheet as shown.

9. Push and glue the spiders, bats and scorpions all around the scene.

10. Hang a skeleton on one of the branches.

Witch Broom Detail

11. Cut out zig-zagging a piece of white paper and ink it edges with red paint. Write the words ‘Be back in 15 minutes’ using a pencil. Punch a hole and thread this paper into the orange thread of the broom. Glue the broom in place amidst two branches.