Ghostly Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas for Trees

Decorating the large spaces outside your home for Halloween require larger decorations that create an immediate impact. Trees make an interesting point to start your outdoor decorations. Large ghostly figures and apparitions are easy to create and will give an instant ‘Halloween’ effect. Here are some ‘ghostly’ ideas for trees to get you in the ‘spirit’ for Halloween Decorating.

Ring, a Ring of Spookies

Ring of Ghosts around a Tree - Outdoor Halloween Decoration
Image Credits: JD Hancock

Make cloth ghosts on dowel sticks and ‘plant’ them in the ground in a circle around a tree. Knot their ‘hands’ together.

A Ghostly Tree

Ghosts Hanging on a Tree - Outdoor Halloween Decorating Idea
Image Credits: Chris Waits

Tie ghosts made of white sheets on to the branches of a large tree and let them sway in the air

A Tree in Shreds

A Spooky Tree in Shreds
Image Credits: Steven Depolo

Rolls and rolls of toilet paper are all you need to create a ghostly white tree in front of your house.

Bone Collector

Skeleton Decoration for Trees at Halloween
Image Credits: Dov Harrington

Skeleton props from a Halloween store will be required to create this easy, yet stunning effect.

Hang ’em on the Tree

Carved Pumpkins Hanging on Tree
Image Credits: Mike Spasoff

Take your pumpkin carving ‘higher’. Carve extra pumpkins this year and hang them on a tree. Insert wire on two sides to create a ‘handle’ and use it to hang the pumpkins from the branches.


Cobwebs on Trees - Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Image Credits: Sam Howzit

Any ideas where this picture was taken? Did you spot the Mickey yet? Yes, fans staying at the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground in Walt Disney World, Florida created these decorations for Halloween. Get inspired and attach cobwebs to your trees. They make for an inexpensive and easy decoration that quickly spans a large area.