DIY Halloween Tablecloth – Pumpkin Heads and Spider Webs

Pumpkin heads and spiders’ webs create a table to send a shiver down your spine and go down a ‘trick or treat’ with the kids! Crafty hands will love to create their own tablecloth to dress up the table for Halloween. Follow our easy ideas to dye a plain white sheet and use easy painting techniques to make an impressive Halloween tablecloth.

DIY Halloween Tablecloth - Pumpkin Heads and Spider Webs

You Will Need:

100% cotton plain white sheet
Dylon machine dye in Burnt Orange
500g (1lb) salt
Dylon fabric dye and pen in black
Puff paint in black

How to:

1. Create a pumpkin-coloured tablecloth by dyeing the sheet with machine dye. Follow the instructions included on the packet.

2. Draw the shape of the pumpkin head on a piece of cardboard roughly the same size as a dinner plate. Cut out and use as a template.

3. Use the same table that will be used at the party to get an idea of place settings and cover with foil or plastic sheeting before placing the tablecloth on top.

4. Draw around the template with the fabric pen to create individual place settings, and fill in the outline heads with fabric paint.

5. Carefully draw spiders’ webs using the puff paint. Once dry, puff up the paint by ironing on the reverse of the tablecloth.

Tip: Cause a few screams in the dark with the help of 3D Glow-in-the-Dark paint like our Glow in the Dark Cups.