Create a Spooky Corner with Cobwebs

Decorating for a Halloween Party? Or are you planning to turn your house into a Haunted Mansion? Start with one corner at a time using the trusted Halloween decorating essential – Cobwebs!

First, find the right corner. You need a corner that has a table or mantle with plenty of space above it. If you have a porch, find a spot around a window. Next, gather together the props you will need. You will need to decorate at 3 different altitudes. First, the wall, second – the table and third, the floor.

The Focal Point – a Hanging Halloween Prop

Do not leave the walls bare. Make a hanging prop the focal point of your decorations. Move next to it, an old chandelier.

Haunted Halloween Decorations with Cobwebs

A Haunted Tablescape

Move downwards to the table now. Arrange props that fall in place. Not everything needs to be purchased from a Halloween decorations store. Look around and in your attic for old pieces like an Oil Lamp, thick candles and a heavy duty chain (you could find one in your garage).

Spooky Halloween Decorations with Cobwebs

Extend to the Floor

A large milk jug is placed next to a carved Halloween pumpkin on the floor. Place a large wooden candlestick vertically to create the vision that it has fallen down. Now, on to the fillers and the final effects.

Complete the Scene

Add the finishing touches. Roll out your cobwebs. There is plenty in one package to take care of an entire corner. Now, start covering parts of all 3 levels, attaching the cobwebs to corner wherever possible. Stretch the cobwebs across the table front and all over the walls.

Finally, attach large, hairy (not plastic) spiders to the cobwebs. There! You have created a corner right from an old Ghostly mansion perfect to welcome Halloween guests.