Changing Portraits on Wall – Scary Halloween Decor

A Spine-Chilling experience for your party guests – when framed portraits on the wall change into ghoulish creatures as they continue to watch!

Changing Portraits on Wall - Scary Halloween Decor
They change as you watch!

Scary Halloween Pictures on the Wall - Decorating IdeasThese portraits will mysteriously change the noble persons into dark, ghastly creatures as your guests pass by them. One-of-a-kind, show stopping Halloween decor for any ‘Haunted House’.

Distinguished Gentleman Portrait

Just keep looking at them. One moment, they are regular mortals, the other moment, they have changed into eerie creatures. No mechanics required to change them. Just frame and hang. They change on their own!

Use them on mantels or hallways to make your guests stop breathing for a while until they are able to believe their eyes.

The ‘Admiral Howl’ portrait above measures 14″ x 18″ whereas the ‘Perfect Couple’ portrait on the right measures 11 x 13 inches.

They are all available at HalloweenMart and you can click on each image to purchase them.