Trick or Treat Bowl – DIY Halloween Centerpiece

Styrofoam balls and paint transforms an ordinary clay saucer into an adorable Halloween table centerpiece. 

Trick or Treat Bowl - DIY Halloween Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

Aleene’s® FoamtasticTM
Tulip® Dimensional Paint
65131 Orange


Acrylic paint: black and orange
Craft stick
Fun Foam™, lime green
Peeper eyes: (6) 3/8”, (4) 3/4″
Pipe cleaners, (2) green
Red clay saucer, 10-1/2”
Spray sealer
Stretcharoos™, (2) lime
STYROFOAM® balls, (3) 1-1/2”
STYROFOAM® eggs, (2) 4-7/8” x 3-1/2”


For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.

1. For large oval pumpkins, cut slit approximately 2-1/2” long at base of the wide end of egg. Fit and adjust onto saucer rim so it will sit upright.
2. Press larger peeper eyes into foam approximately 1/3 of the way down from top of egg. Leave 1/2″ between the eye indentations. Using end of craft stick, make triangle for nose and depress an arc for mouth. Using length of craft stick and going from top to bottom, make depressions for sections. Using thumb, depress pointed top of egg to flatten. Repeat process with small pumpkins (except flattening head).
3. Sponge orange acrylic paint over the pumpkins. Also sponge same orange in center of saucer. Paint inner rim with black. Sponge remainder of saucer with black. Let dry.
4. Using pattern, cut out feet and caps from Fun Foam. Cut Stretcharoos in half to make legs. Make small slit in foam feet and insert Stretcharoos, coiling on bottom to secure.
Cut pipe cleaners in half and coil around pen. For small pumpkins, cut pipe cleaner into thirds. Glue caps on head and eyes in pumpkins. Shove coiled pipe cleaners on top of head.
5. Using dimensional paint, write “Trick or Treat” inside rim of saucer. Use cotton swab to make dots. Also make dots inside orange center. Let dry. Spray seal. Let dry.
6. Glue large pumpkins to rim and the three small pumpkins in the center of the saucer.