Halloween Pumpkin Head Kitchen Towel and Mitts

Add some Halloween punk to your kitchen by bringing in color with these cute machine appliquéd Jack-O-Lantern kitchen towels and pot holders. They are sure to set the mood for a lot of Halloween baking and candy making.

Halloween Baby Jack Kitchen Towel and Mitts


  1. Orange towels – 2
  2. Fabric scraps in orange and yellow for the appliqués
  3. Black and White striped fabric for bias binding and tiny bow
  4. Sewing Machine
  5. Matching Thread

How to:

1. Use the first towel for the towel and the second one to cut two squares to make the pot holders.

2. Cut out pieces from fabric scraps. Cut out a circle from the orange fabric and a dress shape from the yellow fabric. Machine appliqué them on the towel and the pot holder using a zigzag stitch. Use decorative stitches on the machine to create the face and hair. Alternatively affix a little bow instead of hair as shown on the towel.

2. Sew the bias binding on all sides of the towel and pot holders including a loop for hanging on all of them.

3. Place batting between the striped fabric and sew on 3 sides (leave one short side open) and criss-cross stitch in the center to quilt.