Haunted House Halloween Party Invitation – Handmade Halloween Party Invitations

Use our computer clipart, your printer and some stamps to create the perfectly haunted invitations for your Haunted House Halloween party.

Haunted House Halloween Party Invitation - Homemade Halloween Party Invitations
Haunted House Halloween Party Invitation

What you will need:

  • A4 White computer paper sheets
  • Haunted House Clipart
  • ‘Haunted House Party’ Text Clipart
  • ‘Be There or Else’ text clipart
  • Orange paper strips (quilling strips)
  • Orange Stamping Ink
  • Party Text Stamp
  • Orange Crayons
  • Black ribbon
  • Hole Punch


1. Print out the haunted house and text clipart using your printer.

2. Fold the A4 sheet so that the middle portion remains available for further crafting and glue it closed behind.

3. Glue the orange strips on both sides of the folded card.

4. Glue the haunted house clipart to the top middle. Color the windows and the moon using crayons.

5. Cut out the ‘Haunted House party’ and ‘Be There’ texts in perfect rectangles and ink their edges with the orange stamping ink. (Run their edges through the stamp pad).

6. Stamp the party date, time, place etc. using the party stamp with orange ink.

7. Punch a hole at the top and tie a bow with the black ribbon and make a long loop out of another piece of the same ribbon.